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The Africa Bug is the brainchild of my wife Mira and myself (Jochen). We are both FGASA-certified nature guides in South Africa. This means we completed and passed the theoretical and practical FGASA level 1 state exams. We also completed the Africa Nature Training course (FGASA level 2 equivalent).

We are primarily professional photographers and videographers. But we also do a lot of volunteer work and sometimes we act as guides and lodge managers, on a freelance basis. In addition, we have over ten years of experience in eco-travel in general and in safaris in particular.

Through this site we would like to assist you with good advice regarding safaris in southern Africa. We do this in the name of Sun Safaris and Century Safaris, reputable travel agencies - respectively in Cape Town and Hoedspruit - with whom we’ve been working for years. Both are specialized in safaris. Sun Safaris is one of the largest and in our opinion the best South African safari outfitter. Century Safaris has the advantage of being right at the doorstep of all lodges based in the Greater Kruger Area, an advantage when putting together last minute itineraries.

Together with Sun Safaris or Century Safaris, we put together tailor-made safari itineraries for you or your group. Clearly these safaris will look very different from most safaris one finds in brochures of major tour operators in US/UK/EU.

The Africa Bug not only knows eco-tourism
from the viewpoint of the travel agency

We are also experienced nature guides,
and know which places offer the best chances
to see certain animals

Our proposals are put together in such a way
that they will give you
the most diverse safari experience possible

At The Bug Africa, the emphasis is on quality and - if required - with a special emphasis on photography. Right away, this differentiates our proposals from the any proposal in aforementioned brochures; we never cut corners.

Our goal is to make your safari such a success that your experience stays with you for the rest of life, and that you will want to return. After all; without you there wouldn’t be eco-tourism and without eco-tourism there wouldn’t be any wildlife and pristine nature left.

Our services are totally free to you. You will not see an extra “Safari Bug” cost on any proposal from Sun Safaris and Century Safaris (the two South African companies we work with). This doesn’t mean we work for free; we are compensated by these companies; they grant us a part of their commission. 

That our focus lies primarily on quality dos not mean that we are more expensive than any safari offer in your country of origin. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. If one compares apples with apples (read: if you compare our proposal with a similar one from US/UK/EU, where the same accommodation is used), then you are probably better off with us. Simply because labor costs in South Africa are lower than in your own country.

The Africa Bug uses a database with 
more than 2500 safari lodges
to put together the ultimate safari for you